The Fanny wasn’t the Fanny

The Fanny sunk at the battle of Elizabeth City wasn’t the same one that became the first aircraft carrier when LaMountain’s hot air balloon was launched from its deck earlier in the war. The Fanny sunk in Elizabeth City was really the Philip T. Heartt.

The Fanny was chartered by Lt. Pierce Crosby of the Union navy from the Philadelphia Transportation Company about the 1st of July 1861. She became disabled. The Philip T. Heartt was sent as a replacement. The Fanny’s crew was transferred to the replacement vessel. The crew removed the Fanny’s sign from her stern and attached it to the Philip T. Heartt. The real Fanny was repaired and placed back in U.S. government service running between Annapolis and Baltimore. The bogus Fanny was sent to Hatteras with the Butler Expedition.

The Philip T. Heartt was an iron tug sheathed in wood, hence the inaccurate description of her being a wooden vessel in some accounts. After the war, she was raised and salvaged by the Baker Brothers Salvage Company of Norfolk.


One thought on “The Fanny wasn’t the Fanny

  1. my ggg granfather was george murtle he was the pilot on the fanny from nov 1861 to march 1863, his only son also a seaferer came to liverpool and married a liverpool girl started our family in england.

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