CSS Black Warrior gun carriage

The charred Black Warrior gun carriage is back home in Elizabeth City after being conserved at the underwater archaeology facility at Kure Beach. Here it sits next to the CSS Albemarle smokestack on display in the gallery at the Museum of the Albemarle. Advertisements

What did the CSS Sea Bird look like?

Edit Two drawings of the Sea Bird appeared in the illustrated weeklies following her sinking during the battle of Elizabeth City. The first one (above) is the most authentic looking. It shows a side-wheeler, which the Sea Bird was. It doesn’t show a walking-beam engine, however. The picture above shows a screw propeller steamer rather than a side-wheeler. … Continue reading

CSS Ellis drawings

These three pictures are all supposed to be the CSS Ellis, yet the first and second ones are very different. Notice the rounded bow of the ship above. The ship below has a much sharper bow than the one seen to the left and has no raised pilot house. There is a line running from the mast to the … Continue reading

Views of the USS Underwriter

The USS Underwriter participated in Burnside’s Expedition. She was present at the battles of Roanoke Island and Elizabeth City. She was sunk at New Bern, NC, in 1864. This is “The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War” version of the Underwriter. Notice the two masts. Did the Underwriter have masts? She was a tugboat in … Continue reading

Birth of the North Carolina Squadron

The nucleus of the NC Squadron was formed from the North Carolina Navy, purchased by the Confederate government for $61,000 on the 3rd of September 1861. On the 12th of that month, the NC government ceded all gunboats and coastal defenses to the Confederate government. North Carolina reserved the right to use the Winslow and the Beaufort … Continue reading