The Privateer Period –Who Captured What?

(The information presented will follow this format:Type Ship, Name of Prize, Date Captured, Captured By, Ship Master, Home Port, Destination, Cargo, and Comments.)

Brig Lydia Frances, captured 12 May 1861 by the NCN Winslow.
Ship master Daniel A. Campbell, home port Bridgeport, CT.
Destination: Cuba to New York carrying Sugar
Wreck claimed by Winslow

Schooner Willet S. Robbins
19 May 1861
Washington Grays
Robert Munro

West Indies to New York
Molasses and sugar

Schooner Transit
23 June 1861
NCN Winslow
Henry Knowles
New London, CT
Key West to ?
In ballast

Brig Hannah Balch
25 June 1861
NCN Winslow
Lt. Kantz, US Navy
Savannah, GA

In possession of Federal prize crew when captured

Schooner Herbert Manton
3 July 1861
NCN Winslow
Simeon Backus
Barnstable, MA
Zarga, Cuba to ?
Molasses and sugar
175 hogsheads and 95 tierces of sugar, 70 hogsheads of molasses

Bark Linwood
17 July 1861
NCN Winslow
Henry A. Penny
New York, NY

Coffee 96000 bags)
Wreck clained by Winslow

Schooner Charles Roberts
18 July 1861
NCN Winslow
Capt. Fowles
Washington, NC
West Indies to Wilmington
Escorted to Wilmington

Schooner Nathaniel Chase
25 July 1861
Daniel Doane

Cuba to ?
Sunk in Neuse as obstruction

Brig William McGilvery
25 July 1861
Hiram Carlisle
Bangor, ME
Cardenas to Boston
Used as storehouse in New Bern

Schooner Protector
28 July 186
T. J. Linnekin
Philadelphia, PA
Matanas to Philadelphia

Brig B. T. Martin
28 July 1861
Charles A. French
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia to Havana
Staves and sugar mill
Run ashore to avoid capture

Schooner Gordon
29 July 1861

Philadelphia, PA
Matamoras to Philadelphia

Schooner Priscilla
31 July 1861
NCN Winslow ?

Baltimore, MD

Salt (600 bushels)

Schooner Itasca
4 August 1861
NCN Winslow
John Conley
Warrenton, ME
Neuvitas to New York
Molasses (500 hogsheads)

Schooner Sea Witch
4 August 1861

New York, NY
Baracoa to New York

Schooner Henry Nutt
4 August 1861
Sydney baker
Philadelphia, PA

Mahogany and logwood

Schooner George G. Baker
7 August 1861
Lt. W. A. Abbott, USN

Captured from Federal prize crew


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