Finally, names for the Beaufort’s NC Navy crewmen

After two trips to the National Archives, I finally had success finding the log of the NCS Beaufort. The log was abstracted in the Official Records of the Navy, but it didn’t have any crewmen mentioned by name in it. I thought this was odd as a normal logbook would record the comings and goings on and off the ship. I was right. There were 24 crew members named in the actual log, bringing our known total of men that served in the short-lived North Carolina Navy up to 65.

The Beaufort’s crew included:

Robert C. Duvall, Lieutenant commanding
_____ Young, 1st master
J. B. Hopkins, 2nd master
_____ Simmons, pilot
_____ McFarlan, senior engineer
Andrew J. Dunbar, acting 2nd engineer
_____ Killinger, 2nd engineer
Gus Godfrey, gunner’s mate
Gus Mitchell, ship’s corporal
J. M. Phelps, fireman (deserted; captured and put in double irons)
George Johnson, ship’s cook
John Bullock, carpenter’s mate
Edward T. Custis, seaman
George T. Gallagher, seaman
Joseph A. Mann, seaman (discharged)
W. H. Allen, seaman (deserted off Elizabeth City, NC)
J. N. Gregory
______ Goodwin
______ Martin
______ Avery
______ Cole
______ Barrett
______ Robinson
______ Barnard
______ Hubbel
______ Chever, landsman (colored free boy)


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