Appointed acting master, CS Navy, 13 Dec. 1861

That was it. All I had on the service of D.D. Simmons in the North Carolina Squadron. Quite by accident, I found his appointment papers in section NN of the Confederate Navy Subject File. Simmons was appointed acting master, CS Navy, 13 Dec. 1861, by Franklin Buchanan and ordered to report to Flag Officer Lynch for duty. He was ordered by Lynch to report temporarily to Lt. Commanding Alexander for passage to Roanoke Island. Simmons reported to Commander Hunter for duty aboard the CSS Curlew at Roanoke Island, 14 Dec. 1861. Hunter named him acting master commanding the Cora, 14 Dec.1861, which he commanded until 31 Mar. 1862.

Did I mention that D.D. Simmons was owner of the Cora? Supposedly she was later bought by the CS Navy according to a letter written in 1862 by French Forrest, but she was back in Simmons’ possession later in the war and was involved in the building of the CSS Ram Albemarle.


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