Compiling the Civil War service records of NC sailors

Preliminary discussions are taking place about creating and publishing (in some form) a database of North Carolina sailors that served during the Civil War. The project would cover over 2500 North Carolinians.


3 thoughts on “Compiling the Civil War service records of NC sailors

  1. I’m pretty sure this has already been done. Si Harrington, formerly Military Records Archivist at the State Archives, compiled a list of all North Carolinians in the CSN and CSMC. I do not think he tracked any in the US service. His research has not yet been published, but I’m almost certain the manuscript/research material is in the State Archives. Might want to check before duplicating the effort.

    • Si and Terry Foenander are the other two involved in the project. Si’s been adding to his list since his retirement and I plan to add 150-200 from the NC Squadron to it this summer. Terry has some more to add as well. Consider it to be an updating effort.

      It’s a open-ended project. We’re starting with his original 2000+. The longer the archives take to print it, the more there will be to print. We will be tracking those that were in US service as well.

  2. The skeleton of the project is online at . Terry’s comprehensive CS Navy project is uploaded through the letter H. Some reformatting needs to be done. Crew lists for four of the NC Squadron ships are in place. We’re waiting for Si to upload his list.

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