The original NC Navy officers

The Military and Naval Board of North Carolina was ordered by the State Convention to report the current state of mobilization to the convention on 1 June 1861 at 10:00 a.m. Their report included a listing of personnel appointed to the fledgling North Carolina Navy.

Commander William T. Muse was appointed Commander in Chief for the state’s new navy. Lieutenant Peter U. Murphy was appointed commander of the NCS Kahukee, a chartered vessel. Lieutentant W.W. Roberts was placed in command of the NCS Albemarle, purchased by the state. Lieutenant David Coleman became commander of the NCS Ellis, the former steamer Fairfield. J. W Parks was named chief engineer of the vessel and William T. Moore was named midshipman. The Ellis had been purchased by the state as well.

The two most famous ship commanders of the squadron did not immediately receive their ships. Lt. Thomas M. Crossan and Lt. Robert C. Duvall had to await the outfitting of their ships as gunboats at Gosport Navy Yard. (The first three ships put into service were unarmed.) Crossan was assigned to Hatteras Station while Duvall was sent to Beaufort Station.

Surgeon Edward Warren was stationed at Ocracoke Station; Wyatt M. Brown was appointed surgeon at Hatteras Station. Brown was discharged 9 August 1861 and was offerred the position of surgeon for the 7th NC Volunteers, a position he accepted. John Johnson, paymaster, was posted at Ocracoke. Elwood Morris was named Engineer in Chief for the Navy and ordered to Ocracoke. Third Assistant Engineer Agnew was sent to Ocracoke as well.

Two naval agents for the state were included in the report. Oliver S. Dewey was appointed at New bern, NC, and Marshall Parks (president of the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal) was named to serve at Norfolk. Fifteen officers and agents were mentioned in the report.

Later, Commander John Manning was named to head the Office of Ordinance and Lt. Seawell was assigned to the NCS Winslow under Crossan. The NC Navy was authorized to recruit 125 enlisted men as well.

When the North Carolina Navy was ceded to the Confederate Navy on 12 July 1861, only Muse, Murphy, and Johnson were offered commissions.


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