Where did they all go?

The sailors that served on the Winslow and Beaufort during the North Carolina Navy period seem to have vanished into thin air. Thus far, I have found 8 out of 31 members of the NCS Winslow crew that also served in the CS Navy.

At least one CSS Winslow muster roll exists. It lists Patrick McCarrick as commanding, so it was created after Arthur Sinclair was transferred to Wilmington around 24 September 1861. Three prize lists naming the Winslow crewmen exist from the NC Navy period. Five NC Navy crewmen show up on the CS Navy roll: Patrick McCarrick, Elias Williams, Elbert Kaulke, John White, and Antonio Cervantes. Kaulke and Servantes were crewmen on the prize Transit and took advantage of an opportunity to join the Winslow crew. Two more turned up on the Fanny and one on the Forrest.

The original commander of the Winslow, Thomas M. Crossan, was not accepted into the CS Navy when the NC Navy was dissolved. He turned up at New Bern with a lieutenant colonel commission and was placed in charge of all the batteries guarding New Bern along the Neuse River.

Crossan had 2 of his slaves on the crew. They probably left the ship when he did. McCarrick’s 4 slaves are not on the CS roster, either. Where did the other 17 sailors go? And where did the 15 new crewmen come from? Questions, questions, questions!


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